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Three Ways to Practice Mindfulness at Work

Three Ways to Practice Mindfulness at Work

16 August 2021

Want to beat stress, boost your focus and sharpen your edge?


Practicing mindfullness at workPracticing mindfulness is known for relieving stress, improving sleep, reducing anxiety and having positive effects on numerous other health conditions. Just like any other skill, mindfulness must be practiced. With proper practice, mindfulness improves our ability to focus and increases our productivity. This is an especially important tool for high performers working to keep their edge. Here are three mindfulness practices that directly apply to performance.


Single Tasking


Single TaskingIn reality, nobody is really a master multitasker. It’s just not how our brains are wired. Since mindfulness is all about being fully present and conscious of the moment and task at hand, it makes sense that single-tasking is a pillar of mindfulness. Maximize your productivity by slowing down and focusing clearly on one thing at a time. Do this by removing distractions from your desk and workspace. Adopt the art of time blocking; scheduling time on your calendar to focus solely on high priority tasks. Honor and optimize those time blocks by giving the task at hand your full attention. This mindfulness drill is harder than it sounds. The result of overcoming our temptation to multitask is increased output, clarity and creativity.


Practice Gratitude


Developing an attitude of gratitude doesn’t happen overnight. Start today by making a conscious effort to counter any negative thoughts that creep into your mind with thoughts of gratitude. When you catch yourself thinking "I'm so tired" try to focus on how much you’ve done and remind yourself "I am accomplishing so much". When thoughts like "my coworker makes me angry" creep in, remind yourself "I can only control my actions". Next time you hear yourself say “this is too much work" think "I'm fortunate for these opportunities".


Growth Mindset


Growth MindsetHaving a growth mindset is all about being open to learning new things and improving one's self; while not being judgmental of current status. Check in with your own mindset next time you face a big challenge. Does the opportunity excite you or do you shy away from the uphill battle? Another great litmus test for your mindset is personally evaluating your reaction to criticism. Self evaluation is never an easy thing to do. With as much honesty as possible, take a hard look at how you handle criticism. Is your reaction typically to just ignore it? This would indicate a fixed mindset. Individuals with growth mindsets are experts at embracing criticism and learning everything they can from it.


Start harnessing the power of mindfulness today by incorporating these drills in your daily routine.



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