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Office Appropriate Resources for Eating Disorder Awareness

Office Appropriate Resources for Eating Disorder Awareness

24 February 2021

Over 30 million Americans will experience an eating disorder in their lifetime. This statistic presents a clear and pressing need to raise awareness of this often-silenced and extremely dangerous health risk. However, addressing eating disorders requires a non-negotiable amount of tact.


For more information on raising awareness of eating disorders, SiteWell Solutions turned to The Alliance for Eating Disorder Awareness. The Alliance approaches eating disorders with a warm, yet clinical perspective. They offer a variety of resources for everybody from those suffering from disorders to those clinically trained to diagnose them.


The Alliance for Eating Disorder Awareness emphasizes key things to remember when relating to those with an eating disorder. These important tools are outlined using the CPR acronym. In this case meaning as follows:


CEating Disorder Awareness

You didn’t CAUSE it.
You can’t CONTROL it.
You can’t CURE it.
You can learn how NOT to CONTRIBUTE to it.
You need to learn how to COPE with it.
Take CARE of yourself.



Avoid PANIC. It prohibits clear thinking and calm reactions.
Recovery is a PROCESS. Two steps forward and one backwards.
PROGRESS, not PERFECTION, is the goal.
PATIENCE is critical.

Eating Disorder Awareness


RESPOND instead of REACT.
REMEMBER to listen.
REFLECT and REASON before you speak.
RECOVERY is a journey, a long ROAD that may include RELAPSE.
REACH out to others for love and support.
(Source: Link)


Eating Disorder AwarenessSo where does eating disorder awareness fall into your organization’s wellness strategy? Eating Disorder Awareness Week kicks off February 23, 2021, but there is no wrong time to share the facts and sheer danger behind eating disorders. In addition to impacting over 30 million Americans in their lifetimes, we also know that eating disorder suffers are 40% male and that a life is lost every 62 minutes as a result of an eating disorder. Eating disorders do not discriminate and any organization can benefit from an awareness-based campaigns that open doors to the proper support channels.


SiteWell Solutions can work with your organization to integrate this critical topic into your strategic wellness plan. Contact us for more information at




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