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Navigating Holiday Festivities: Strategies for Maintaining Health and Wellness in the Workplace

22 November 2023

Navigating Holiday FestivitiesAs business leaders, HR professionals, and safety experts, one of our key responsibilities is guiding our high-performance workforce through various challenges, including the festive holiday season. The period encompassing Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, and other cultural celebrations can often lead to increased stress and health challenges for employees.


The festive season, while a time for bonding and celebration, often brings a temptation to overindulge. According to data published by USA Today, the average Thanksgiving dinner, for example, can contain upwards of 3,500 calories – a significant surplus that may impact health and wellness goals. Despite the health obstacles associated with the holiday season, this period also offers an opportunity to demonstrate a commitment to health and well-being.


Prioritize Strategic, Balanced Nutrition


One effective strategy is encouraging employees to focus on balanced nutrition during the holiday season. Prioritizing lean proteins and low-density caloric foods, such as vegetables and fruit, helps us feel full while supporting physical health goals. For high-calorie favorites, moderation is key. Enjoying these in smaller quantities can offer satisfaction without overindulgence. Consider the food at your holiday party. Are healthy options available?


Socialize with Movement


Incorporating movement and activity into holiday celebrations is also beneficial. Organizing post-dinner walks, dance parties, or friendly competitive games can be excellent ways to stay active and avoid the habit of continuously eating and drinking on holidays. These activities not only foster bonding but also contribute to overall wellness. Introduce a game that encourages movement at your next holiday party or discuss minute-to-win-it style games as a fun family activity employees can enjoy at home.


Socialize with MovementStay Hydrated & Moderate Alcohol


Hydration is crucial and should be maintained just like any other day. Encouraging employees to carry an oversized water bottle reminds them of their health goals and helps them stay hydrated amidst the busy festivities.


Alcohol consumption can be a significant factor in derailing health goals. It's important to be mindful of its effects, not only in terms of calories but also on muscle building and recovery. Encouraging a plan for moderate and mindful drinking can help maintain balance. A mocktail option on the menu at your company’s holiday party is a great way to present a non-alcoholic beverage option. It can help people who don’t enjoy drinking feel more comfortable.


Manage Stress and Be Present


Finally, stress management and being present are vital. The holiday season can be stressful, and it's helpful to remind your workers to utilize stress-reducing techniques that work for each individual. Whether it’s through mindful breathing, journaling, or simply taking a walk, finding ways to reduce stress can positively impact overall health and decision-making. Set boundaries on work wherever possible this time of year. When possible, allow for time off for employees to connect with family. Finally, remember to express gratitude to your team.


Manage Stress and Be PresentBy viewing each festivity as an opportunity to make healthy choices, employees can maintain their focus on long-term goals while still enjoying the season. Leaders can encourage their teams to prioritize their well-being, reinforcing that personal health goals deserve attention, even during the festive season.


In summary, while enjoying the holidays is important, maintaining a balance through strategic eating, staying active, hydrating, moderating alcohol intake, and managing stress can help your workforce navigate this festive season healthily and happily.


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