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Health and Safety Programs Observe Take Back Day

Health and Safety Programs Observe Take Back Day

21 April 2021

National Take Back Day 2021Spread the word! National Take Back Day is happening April 24, 2021. As workplace wellness leaders, we are constantly seeking new ways to connect our populations to resources that encourage health and safety. Take Back Day raises awareness of the public health crisis and safety hazards surrounding the misuse and abuse of prescription medications. Observing this initiative as part of your workplace wellness strategy is a great way to shed light on the issues, while providing actionable resources.
The Drug Enforcement Administration recently shared startling information from a 2019 National Survey on Drug Use and Health. According to the survey, 9.7 million people misused prescription pain relievers, 4.9 million people misused prescription stimulants, and 5.9 million people misused prescription tranquilizers or sedatives in 2019. The survey also showed most misused prescription drugs were obtained from family and friends, often from the home medicine cabinet.


20th Take Back Day by Drug Enforcement AdministrationWith opioid overdose deaths increasing during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Drug Enforcement Administration eagerly announced its 20th Take Back Day. The most recent Take Back Day, in October of 2020, DEA collected a record-high amount of expired, unwanted, and unused prescription medications, with the public turning in close to 500 tons of unwanted drugs. The removal of these prescriptions from homes and medicine cabinets across the nation greatly reduces risk associated with accidental poisoning, overdosing or general misuse.


Take Back Day aligns with workplace wellness programs on both a health and safety level. Misuse or abuse of prescription medication is a health and wellness topic that hits close to home for many people. Anything that can be done to lessen the direct impacts and ripple effect of this health crisis should be explored. Take Back Day further serves to remind team members that their safety truly matters, both on the jobsite and off.

Ready to raise awareness of Take Back Day within your organization? Go to the official Take Back Day website to learn more information, access resources for digital and traditional marketing, utilize their Collection Location Finder tool and much more. SiteWell Solutions is ready to support your organization’s Take Back Day initiative along with other health, wellness and safety program initiatives.




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