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10 February 2019

Diet Recovery- Get Back on Track Fast

Life happens.  Holidays, birthdays and other gatherings usually include an abundance of foods that you know will wreak havoc on your diet- even as you are loading up your plate.  It’s important to find your ideal balance between enjoying these events while not suffering for weeks afterwards from the diet derailment. When we approach healthy eating as a lifestyle, it is key to factor in the inevitable slip ups, unscheduled cheat days or outright indulgences.  Learn how to bounce back fast so you can enjoy yourself without the unnecessary regret.

Assess The Damage. Take a look at what triggered the recent food fest. Was this an event or other celebration that some indulging was expected? Or was this triggered by emotion, stress and possibly a one point in a line of routine binges? Binge eating and emotional eating are much different than the occasional indulgence.  More Information on Binge Eating Here.

Check Your Attitude.  Think positively.  You enjoyed yourself, now you’re fully ready to rededicate yourself to your fitness goals.  The worst thing you can do at this point is allow yourself to falter further off track with a defeated attitude that leads to a snowball effect. This sounds obvious, but is actually a tough trap to avoid.


Expect Cravings.  Part of the reason why people tend to snowball further off track post binge is the immediate impact they have on our brain chemistry.  After reintroducing the immediate gratification of super sweet/salty, high caloric foods, chemicals are released from the brain into the body that will lead us to craving the immediate gratification of those foods again.

Increase Water Intake & Try Natural Detox Method. Now it’s time to flush out all the extra water weight that you will be retaining. Aim for at least a gallon of cold water today. Do not chug it but drink consistently throughout the day, more if you’re in the heat or exercising. Kick start the flush with detoxifiers such as a serving of dandelion tea, green tea or black tea. Load today’s meals up with high fiber, leafy green veggies. Asparagus, also a natural diuretic, will work wonders for getting you back on track as well.

Get Moving.  It is extremely important to get rolling on your exercise plan pronto! This will help stabilize hormones along with giving you the endorphin release that helps you climb out and away from a diet rut. No way you can get in your full workout the very next day? No problem. Go for a brisk walk, do body weight exercises and work on your flexibility. Anything that breaks up the stagnation and gets you moving again will help.

Anybody looking for more information, resources, and support should check out to

Remember, above all else, your positive proactive attitude is key!




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